Father's Day

Father’s Day is a day of celebrating fathers; the men who have raised, supported and loved their children through life. For many individuals, like myself, it means something different for me. I was not raised and supported by a father. My dad left my mom before I was born and was not involved in my life or any male figure for that matter. This led to my mom receiving a card on his holiday since she played both roles for me. The absence of this caretaker was always a missing puzzle piece in my life which I found out could only be filled by the ultimate father, Jesus. I feel it is so important for a kid to have a father in their life to give support and show love. Girls and boys alike need this reinforcement growing up so they grow confidence and don’t seek “love” from worldly things.

It is truly amazing how the Lord can fill every missing piece in your life when you completely turn all areas over to him. I am grateful everyday that he has become my everything and an amazing daddy to me.

When I got married and had children of my own I really didn’t know what to expect from my husband as a father and I think sometimes I felt like I was suppose to play both roles since I knew nothing else. After 25 years of marriage looking back at my husband and his fathering skills, I’m amazed at the grace God has shown. Taking home a baby at the age of 24 with no instruction manual (or even youtube) is crazy if you think about it. What do you do with this human being that God has given you and how do you raise them to be good kids that love people and serve Jesus all of there life?

I watched my husband raise my boys with so much love and discipline and how they respected him in return. This respect continues as they listen diligently to there father at the age of 21 & 23 and how is that? I would argue that it is from a lot of prayer and consistently keeping your word even when it is hard and discipline with love and reason.  Being a father is one of the hardest challenges in life. A lot of responsibility comes with parenthood, however to develop adults that can impact generations to come for the kingdom is what life is all about.

On this Father’s Day if you don’t have a earthly father please remember that you have the best Heavenly Father.  He can and will fill every need in your life and show his abundant love, once you turn every part of your life to him.

If you are new to fatherhood or have more experience, I pray you realize more and more the incredible responsibility and honor God has given you. So pray always, raise your children with love, discipline, and reflect to your children how our heavenly father loves his son.

-Kim Esparza