A Love Response

Whenever I reflect on my testimony, I can take myself back to the very moment I said “yes” to God. The moment I said yes, my life turned into the most exhilirating adventure! But what exactly was I saying yes to?

I was saying that after all God had done and all that He is to me, I was going to respond with how I lived. He saved my life and so I gave it to Him. My yes was a lifelong commitment and response to His love.

One of my favorite portions of Scripture is found in John 21 which includes Simon Peter. Peter had been questioning his own loyalty and figured he was as good as his past. So back to fishing he went. Jesus had just been risen from the dead and wanted to show Peter He loved him despite his wrongs.

When Peter saw Jesus on the shores of Galilee, he swam hastily over to meet Him. Did Jesus yell at Peter for betraying Him three times? No. Jesus was found there serving him breakfast. My favorite part happens when Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him, three times. Not only does Peter respond yes with his mouth, he responds yes with his life.

Peter saw the powerful grace of Jesus, and experienced the unending love that He is. Peter saw that after all he had done, God’s grace was always sufficient.

Peter could not ignore this love, and his response was yes. Jesus replied “Feed My sheep.” In other words, if you say yes, let your actions follow. Peter dedicated his life to preaching the good news and serving people. His heart was comitted to God, a lifelong response to all that He had done for him.

What has God done for you? What has He saved you from? The truth is He gave up His life so that we could LIVE. What will your response be to this incredible love? I pray that it is one that says “yes”. A life that responds with unending gratitude to all that He is, all that He has done and all that He will continue to do.