Looking Back!

Every year that goes by gives us the opportunity to grow. When we arrive into paradise with Christ we'll be learning. The Bible mentions angels singing "holy, holy, holy" and I can't help but imagine it is because God reveals just a little more of who He is and the response can only be, "holy, holy, holy." 

The scriptures teach us that we only know in part for now while on the earth but one day we'll be able to rewind and watch the full clip..yay..scary..awesome..idk . Looking back, what does 2017 look like for you?

I learned a lot about how weak, unqualified, stupid, and selfish I can be. I also learned that I'm more than able because of Christ Jesus. I asked God to "purify" me in 2017 and daaaaang I have a completely different definition for that word. It was a proactive year! I've always been a passive person but this year the Holy Spirit challenged me to confront, speak up, pray more, and listen more. 

As the year closes I regret to admit that I preached too many sermons that weren't prayed over. So, 2018 will be a year of practicing the presence of God in everything I do. I am loving what God is doing with my church family at LBDC but GET READY..there's more!

What are some of your resolutions?

- Pastor Jonathan

Zzaj Collins