Why Worship? 

It only takes a matter of seconds after logging on to any news outlet or social channel for the rise of fear and anger to begin to overwhelm our hearts.  No matter your resilience and positivity, fear can tip the scales of confidence within us. Our need to fill our hearts with truth and our minds with faith has never been greater. 

The bible says “My heart is confident in You, oh God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!” Psalm 57:7 (NLT) 

To remain confident in God we must seek him, experience him and put our attention to him.  We must worship. 

Worship is about attention.  Worship directs our attention away from our problems & circumstances and places it on a loving God whose word is armor. Worship takes our eyes off of our busy lives and places it on Jesus.  

Attention also removes the veil of distance.  It puts us face to face with the living God. Our loving God. It is when we seek an experience with God, we are able to find confidence in his vast grace.  When we turn to Jesus, we then are free to transform to become more like him.    

Worship is healing.  Although we can’t see it happening, there is a devoted enemy that seeks havoc on everything that matters to us: our hearts, our minds, marriages, families, dreams, confidence.  Armed in our own strength we are weak but when we are protected by the grace of God, we find healing.  

Worship allows us to be honest with God.  He sees all of our thoughts: hidden sins, unforgiven hurts, doubts, fears, anger.  He sees it all but when we come in worship, we surrender all of that.  We ask God to come in and let the spirit heal us.  We experience the power of God’s presence and love.  

“Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.” Exodus 23:25 (NIV)

Worship is for God.

Isn’t it amazing that God tells us to worship but it’s not something he needs.  God doesn’t need us to worship, we need it.  It’s one of the many things he has designed specifically for us.  Specifically to draw us closer to him.  He has given us the instructions on what we can give back to Him in gratitude.  

Psalm 150:6 (NLT) “Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LORD! Praise the LORD!”

As Pastor Jonathan says "Worship is an outward expression of an inward affection.” 

Worship shouldn’t be limited to the songs sung in church but rather viewed as a lifestyle.  A life of praise.  A willingness or mandate to be worshippers always, in everything and everywhere we go.  That is to have a worshippers heart. 

Let's worship together. 

Blessings and joy,


Zzaj CollinsComment