A Love That's Enough

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For some, it is a time to reflect and thank God for our significant other while for some, it can be a tough time of feeling alone and wondering if you’ll ever find that special person to do life with. After giving this some thought, I’ve come to realize that both situations require something in common. Both require a total dependency on Jesus.

In my marriage of 25 years to my Junior High School Sweetheart, I have not always loved and appreciated her like I do now. Part of the reason was because until I looked to Jesus to fulfill my every emotional and spiritual need, I depended on others to fulfill me. As a result, I was afraid to give too much of myself for fear of not getting enough back, leaving my heart and soul depleted. It was only after I totally surrendered to Jesus allowing Him to fill me up that I was able to freely give love without expectation or conditions. He has to be enough for us.

Likewise, my single brothers and sisters, He must be enough for you too. That way you will never have to settle for less than God’s plan for your life. Jesus is the ultimate Valentine’s Day date who is always on time and never disappoints. So instead of thinking it’s only a day for couples, think of it as a day to show Christ’s love to everyone who crosses your path. Give a kind word, gesture or even something as simple as a smile. Brighten someone’s day because we already have all we need in Jesus.

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